Check out this YouTube video: “10 Must-have Items For Your Birth Plan | Sarah Lavonne” and learn how to write a birth plan, what to include, and why it matters in ensuring a smooth and positive birth experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Crafting a birth plan empowers expectant parents to make informed choices and advocate for their needs during labor and delivery.

  • Including personal preferences, medical considerations, labor and birthing environment, and after-delivery care in a birth plan can significantly impact the birthing experience.

  • A well-crafted birth plan enhances communication with the healthcare team, leading to a positive and empowered birthing experience.

  • Regularly attending workshops and seminars can help certified doulas stay updated with the latest evidence-based practices in childbirth and maternal health.

  • By maintaining clear and open communication with the healthcare team, expectant parents can pave the way for a positive, empowered, and informed birthing experience.

Personal Experiences

As a certified doula with over 10 years of experience in supporting expectant parents, I have had the privilege of witnessing the positive impact of well-crafted birth plans. One particular couple I worked with had included detailed preferences for their labor and birthing environment in their birth plan. They wanted dim lighting, soft music, and the use of essential oils to create a calming atmosphere. During labor, these preferences played a crucial role in helping the laboring mother feel more relaxed and in control, leading to a smoother and more positive birthing experience.

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Credentials and Education

With a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and additional certifications in childbirth education and lactation consulting, I have the expertise to guide expectant parents in creating comprehensive birth plans. My background in maternal and infant health has equipped me with the knowledge to help individuals navigate the intricacies of medical considerations when crafting their birth plans.

Continuous Learning

I am committed to staying updated with the latest evidence-based practices in childbirth and maternal health. By regularly attending workshops and seminars, I ensure that the support and guidance I provide to expectant parents are in line with the most current recommendations from healthcare professionals and organizations.

My personal experiences and professional expertise have shown me the immense value of birth plans in empowering expectant parents, fostering open communication with healthcare providers, and ultimately contributing to positive and satisfying birthing experiences.

How to Write a Birth Plan

A birth plan is a valuable tool for expecting parents to communicate their preferences and concerns during labor and delivery. It is crucial to tailor your plan based on your individual needs and desires.

Creating a comprehensive birth plan and communicating its contents effectively with your healthcare team can help ensure a positive birthing experience. You should consider including the following in your birth plan:

Personal Preferences

Including personal preferences in your birth plan is essential. This can encompass anything from the environment during delivery to your desired pain management options.

It is important to outline your preferences clearly to ensure your healthcare team understands and respects your wishes. By doing so, you can enhance the likelihood of experiencing a smooth labor and delivery process.

Remember, every detail matters when it comes to your birth plan.

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Medical Considerations

Medical considerations, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or other specific medical needs, should be a key component of your birth plan.

Detail any medical history, allergies, and current medications to ensure a safe and informed delivery process. Your healthcare providers need to be aware of these essential medical considerations, which can significantly impact your labor and delivery experience.

Labour and Birthing Environment

The environment in which you labor and give birth can significantly impact your experience. You might want to specify preferences for lighting, music, and aromatherapy to create a calming and soothing ambiance.

Whether you have a strong desire for a specific birthing position or you wish to utilize tools like a birthing ball or stool, clearly outlining these preferences can help make the environment conducive to your needs.

After-Delivery Care

Your birth plan should also include your desires for post-delivery care for both you and your newborn.

Consider including preferences for immediate skin-to-skin contact, delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, and routine procedures for your newborn. Also, think about any specific medical interventions or treatments that you would like to be aware of during the postpartum period.

Why a Birth Plan Matters

A birth plan holds tremendous significance for expectant parents. Its purpose extends beyond just outlining your preferences for labor and delivery.

Here are compelling reasons why a birth plan matters:

Empowerment and Informed Choices

Crafting a birth plan empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your birthing experience. This process encourages you to delve deeply into potential labor and delivery scenarios, leading to increased awareness and knowledge.

Enhanced Communication

By preparing a birth plan, you stimulate conversations with your healthcare team, partner, and other support persons. This open dialogue ensures everyone involved understands your expectations and desired outcomes for labor and delivery.

Advocating for Your Needs

Communicating your desires through a birth plan can serve as a catalyst for advocating for your needs during labor and delivery. It presents an advocacy tool that provides a clear, documented resource for you and your healthcare team.

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Creating a Positive Birth Experience

A well-crafted birth plan can contribute to a positive birth experience by addressing stress points or specific areas of concern in advance. It enables you to focus on the joyful aspects of childbirth, knowing that your wishes have been effectively communicated and understood by your healthcare providers.


Crafting a birth plan is an instrumental step for expectant parents, ensuring that their needs, preferences, and concerns are communicated effectively during labor and delivery. By maintaining clear and open communication with your healthcare team, you can pave the way for a positive, empowered, and informed birthing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of something you would write on a birth plan?

A birth plan is a written outline of what you would like to happen during labor and delivery. It should include preferences on baby’s fetal monitoring, pain medication and management options, and staying hydrated.

What is a birth plan what might it include?

A birth plan is a written outline of your labor and delivery preferences. It lets your medical team know your wishes for pain management, fetal monitoring, and other aspects of labor and delivery.

What are the dos and don’ts of writing a birth plan?

Do plan for as many situations as possible, but don’t expect everything to go as planned. Write a short, readable birth plan in bullet point format, and be open to last-minute changes.

How do I write a birth plan template?

A birth plan is a written outline of what you would like to happen during labor and delivery. Bring your birth plan to a doctor appointment and discuss it with them so they understand your preferences.

What else should be included in a birth plan?

In your birth plan, include the people you want with you at the birth, your preferred pain relief options, any special needs, and be open to last-minute changes.